The Gibraltar Building,
Essex County CourthouseNewark, New Jersey

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Special Recognition
1997 Golden Trowel
Masonry Award

Grad Associates

York Hunter
of NJ, Inc.
General Contractor

Set in a busy downtown environment, this distinguished building was recently updated inside and out allowing for another lifetime of service to the community. The first challenge was presented on the exterior where custom fit Absolute Black granite panels were selected to replace existing glass windows.

It was necessary to mechanically hang these 50 x 38 x 1-1/4" thick panels with stainless steel anchors due to their immense size and weight. The rich, dark panels were chosen to convey both a dignity of purpose along with contemporary detailing.

Gibraltar Building, Newark, New Jersey.
The Gibraltar Building

Approximately 70 public and judges chambers toilets were added using nearly 20,000 square feet of 2 x 2" ceramic floor tile in an interesting three color pattern in beach tan, sand and woodland. Completed with the addition of a 4" outside border and a 6" inside border with built-up base using the floor tiles. The full height walls were of 4-1/4" square almond crystalline tiles along with four 1" stripes of woodland colored floor tiles as accent features.

Other inside enhancements include the use of over 230,000 lbs. of Decor Rose granite taken from the mountains of North Carolina. The granite was then shipped to Canada for fabrication in order to meet the demanding time schedule involved. The result was over 8,000 square feet of 12 x 12" floor tiles and over 3,000 lineal feet of special 8" high base which now wind their way down these hallways of justice. Over 4,000 lineal feet of custom brass Schluter strip complete the transition from stone to carpet.

In addition to conquering the logistics of painstakingly delivering the materials to their respective floors, the real challenge came in the installation of the 44 elevator door jams and the 55 pilasters with elegant column capitals. The elevator jams were over 4" thick and arrived in single pieces for the three sides needed, each requiring custom adjustments in installation. The 1-1/4" thick pilasters were each crowned with a 2-1/4" thick capital accented with a medallion. The understated design of the capitals required a meticulous installation, as with the exterior panels, mechanically hung due to their weight and size.

The unique designs of these capitals echo existing stonework that remains on several floors, thereby coordinating old with new. The choice of stone was based on its rich, handsome character which conveys a sense of high quality and civic importance, which is particularly appropriate to a court facility.

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