The Professional BuildingOcean Township, New Jersey

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The Professional Building, Ocean Township, New Jersey.
The Professional Building

Proudly standing among other similar office buildings along a small commercial corridor, visitors are given no hint of the unique interiors waiting for them within. As with most projects, the architect was given both budgetary parameters, as well as an idea of the expected aesthetic results.

The Professional Building, Ocean Township, New Jersey.
The Professional Building

The owner expected a rich, formal quality which could have easily been achieved with the use of an expensive marble, granite or other natural stone. Keeping the project within budget, however, would probably not have been possible.

The tiles chosen for the public areas of this professional building successfully meet all of the requirements, due to the surprising qualities of a natural stone combined with all the advantages of a manufactured product. They are part of the ROCKS line of porcelain stoneware by Floor Gres Ceramiche from Italy.

The Professional Building, Ocean Township, New Jersey.
The Professional Building

The first floor entrance lobby welcomes guests with a lively patterned floor and corridor. A 48" diameter centerpiece of Rosone B is the focal point of this lobby, which also consists of just under 1,000 square feet of Alpi 12 x 12" and 500 square feet of Atlante 12 x 12" tiles. Accented by 7 x 12" Fascia B border tiles which encircle the lobby and hallway, completing the pattern.

Visitors to the second floor office space will recognize the additional 12 x 12" Alpi tiles (again just under 1,000 square feet) installed there, this time combined with ninety pieces of Uraii 4 x 4" accent squares.

This project certainly deserves recognition solely based on the merits of the quality of the installation itself, as well as the attractiveness of the finished public areas. Its true strength for masonry recognition, however, lies in the example it sets for future projects. This is a product that allowed for both a more economical installation due to the reduced man hours needed, as well as the absence of the sealing process normally required for natural stones. Rather than choose another less expensive but rich floor covering material (carpeting, etc.), the architect was able to once again use a tile or stone product to satisfy his client. By setting this kind of example, our industry is afforded yet another avenue leading to the continued specification of masonry applications.

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