Liz ClaiborneNorth Bergen, New Jersey

Ronald Schmidt
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1996 Golden Trowel
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Liz Claiborne, North Bergen, New Jersey.
Liz Claiborne

North Bergen was already home to an original satellite office complex for this prestigious design firm. The second building which was designed would have to complement that building, yet have its own unique identity. As with all of this owner’s facilities, the colors were predetermined and never deviated from a monochromatic black to white design.

Liz Claiborne, North Bergen, New Jersey.
Liz Claiborne

The owner, an internationally recognized name in fashion design, has always insisted that her interiors never compete with her product. The design challenge here was to stay within those parameters and still create a striking work environment.

Liz Claiborne, North Bergen, New Jersey.
Liz Claiborne

Nearly 50,000 square feet of American made ceramic tile in muted shades of black to white was selected. The use of ceramic tile was an essential ingredient in creating an environment that answered the need for both function and company image. Colors were selected from a palette of ice white, sterling silver, smokewood, seafog, black, skylark and seagull grey. A cool pattern of 12 x 12" tiles was repeated throughout the lobby, common areas, vestibules and bridges. The deliberate omission of base created an illusion of the floors existing as a separate plane from the walls.

Our agenda was modified slightly in the cafeteria and servery areas, which were considered to have a more social atmosphere for the employees. The addition of a pinwheel pattern, additional color and 6 x 6" wall tiles subtly makes that transition both smooth and effective. Conveniently located restrooms on each floor complete the theme in cool shades of gray throughout.

We feel that this project owes a great part of its success to the inclusion of ceramic tile. All of our design criteria was met due to the flexibility and finished beauty of the tile work on this project.

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