BM Squibb Fitness Center
& Medical SuiteLawrenceville, New Jersey

Joel David Zeiden

Special Recognition
1993 NJ Golden Trowel
Masonry Award

Joel David Zeiden

DCM, Inc.
General Contractor

Employees entering the fitness area for their daily workout are greeted by the marked difference of this unique project. Primarily using ceramic mosaics in 1 x 1" or 2 x 2" sizes, this installation features not only the standard health club/toilet/shower arrangements, but also two unusual serpentine feature walls in the fitness area.

BM Squibb Fitness & Medical Center, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.
BM Squibb Fitness & Medical Center

The locker room/shower area consists of 1500 SF of 1 x 1" floor tile in a basic pepper white with accent dots of blue, amber, lavender, sea coral and marine - creating a lively, clean look.

BM Squibb Fitness & Medical Center, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.
BM Squibb Fitness & Medical Center

Complementing the floor tile is 5500 SF of walls in a 2 x 2" Gardenia field with similar accent colors. The 300 SF of shower ceilings are individually set with vibrantly colored tiles and matching grouts. All accents were hand applied and all joints aligned. Marble saddles in both black and white were used to set off the bright colors.

Upon entering the fitness area, one is struck by the sight of two distinctive 3’7" x 34’ serpentine walls. These two walls consist of both 2 x 2" and 1 x 1" tiles with both straight joint and running bond patterns. These walls are an excellent example of a strikingly different use of ceramic mosaic tiles. The white grout used creates a stark contrast to the bold sapphire colored patterned tiles. The alternating striping effect was field applied to both walls, creating an installation rarely seen.

A medical suite containing an additional 7,000 SF of tile is attached.

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