Kim IacovielloAssistant Estimator

Kim Iacoviello, Assistant Estimator.
Kim Iacoviello

Hello, Im Kimberly and in my position as the Estimating Coordinator we have probably spoken on occasion. I started at Artisan Tile and Marble in May of 2010 and I am responsible for maintaining the bidding calendar, obtaining all bidding documents, reviewing drawings for our estimators and bid follow ups. I love my job and the people I work with.

Kim Iacoviello, Estimating Coordinator.
Kim Iacoviello

Recently, I have begun work as an assistant estimator and am looking forward to adding another dimension to my responsibilities in the estimating department.

My family consists of my husband, Tom and three spectacular children. David, who graduated with Honors from William Paterson University majoring in Musical Education & Philosophy and teaches in the public school system. TJ, who graduated from Syracuse University with a dual major in Aerospace Engineering and Physics with a minor in Mathematics, is now working in the field of construction as a Project Manager. Last, but not least, our daughter Shayna graduated from Lycoming College and is looking to pursue a career in the medical field as a physical therapist. Oh -let us not forget our family pet Coal, our beloved dog who believes hes a cat, Arthur and Guinevere our cats that we refer to as the Royals.

Artisan is a wonderful place to work. My fellow employees are an extension of my family. Every day since I started at Artisan, I leave for work smiling and come home smiling even after the Route 18 commute - and that is saying something.

There is only one boss...

The customer.

And he can fire everyone in the company,
from the chairman on down,
simply by
spending his money somewhere else.

  - Sam Walton