The Carl V. Cesery Award

The Cesery Award, established in 1964, took its name from the late Carl V. Cesery who was acknowledged by common consent to have been the most gifted and dynamic personality to serve the ceramic tile trade during this mid-century. Carl had, in abundance, whatever it took to be a successful tile contractor and organizational leader. It is appropriate that the tile trade’s highest award should take his name.

The Cesery Award can be best described in the following words from one of the people instrumental in its establishment:

"The Cesery Award, high ranking among the national honors established by American trade and industry groups, stands for the proposition that the tile trade is a segment of the national construction economy composed of those who produce tile, those who contract for the installation of tile, and those who set tile.

It affirms the principle that tile as a product-in-use is a combination of good workmanship and quality materials, installed under the supervision of a speciality contractor experienced in this branch of masonry.

It maintains that the advancement of the tile trade, and the common good of all those who make a living out of the production and installation of ceramic tile, depend upon our successful protection of the American consumer.

The Cesery declares that all who make salaries, profits or wages from the tile trade work on one market, and thus come within the scope of the award. It is ready to honor any person, from any source, who has served with great distinction the total American tile trade."

The award itself, consisting of a 5-inch bronze medallion, is the work of the noted American sculptor, Gilroy Roberts, who also designed the Kennedy half dollar.

TCAA, as the source of the award, has been vigilant in keeping the Cesery a true symbol of excellence; not tied in any way to contractor achievement in this speciality.

In that spirit and with that objective, the Cesery Award has been conferred upon many industry leaders.

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